With approximately 3000 sun hours in the year and water
temperatures between 26°C and 29°C,
is situated right on one of the fantastic beaches
of the South Pacific in Polynesia. Placed in the middle of the South Pacific
is the beautiful island Savai'i, one of the islands of Samoa.

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apia Apia is the capital of Samoa on the island Upolu. Within the Polynesian islands and the area of New Zealand and Australia,good connecting flights are offered by Air New Zealand, Air Pacific and the latest operator Virgin Samoa (new direct flights from Australia) which offer good connecting flights to the Faleolo Internatonal Airport (APW), 35km west of Apia, Upolu.
view From the main Island, Upolu, a passenger and vehicle ferry service operates daily from the the Mulifanua Wharf to Salelologa, Savai'i. This ferry transfer lasts about 1 ½ hours and reveals beautiful snow-white beaches surrounded by palms and quiet lagoons with turquoise warm water. For more information look at the ferry schedule.

There is now an airplane service between Upolu and Savaii. See the islands from a birds eye view. For more information: www.samoaair.ws -->
bungalows You have three options for getting from Salelologa to Fagamalo or Manase.
(1) You could catch a bus upon your arrival at the Wharf. Although all buses are named with their destination, still ask the driver which bus you would need to catch.
(2) Or you could catch a Taxi, which are readily available at the wharf.
(3) If you prefer driving, you can hire a car from Apia, the International Airport or in Salelologa. Remember, it is the law that the Transport Control Board in Apia or Salelologa will need to validate your driver's licence.
Dive Centre This road trip lasts about 40 minutes, during which time the landscape will touch your senses and soul, preparing you for the leisurely rhythm of the South Seas.

Arriving at Fagamalo, our PADI dive centre DIVE SAVAII is situated on the main road.